Common Root Canal Therapy Myths Debunked!

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Over the past years, root canal therapy has been perceived negatively by a lot of people. Often, people would opt to have their tooth extracted than undergo root canal treatment. Root canal therapy is a procedure done to restore or save the damaged tooth.

By knowing the truths from myths, you might be able to save your teeth from a tooth extraction. We have prepared a list of myths that most people still believed in.

root canal treatment

  • Root canal therapy is painful

The perception of root canal therapy being painful began decades ago. However, with the advancement in oral care, especially in anesthetics, the patient won’t experience any pain or discomfort when undergoing this procedure. Anesthesia will be offered to the patient before the procedure to ease their anxieties and alleviate pain or discomfort.

  • Root canal therapy removes the roots of the tooth

When root canal therapy is performed, the roots of the tooth are not removed only the infected area.

  • If the tooth doesn’t hurt, there is no need to undergo root canal therapy

Often, when the tooth hurts, one of the treatment options recommended is undergoing root canal therapy. However, there are also instances where tooth pain is not present, but root canal therapy is necessary. Dentists and endodontists have ways to find out whether root canal therapy is needed or not. 

  • Tooth extraction is much better than getting root canal therapy

Preserving the tooth through a root canal therapy is much better than to extract it. A missing tooth can lead to several dental issues. However, there are several options available for missing, but nothing beats how natural teeth function.

  • Root canal therapy causes illness

No proof supports this false claim. Undergoing root canal therapy does not cause illness to a person. People who have undergone root canal therapy are not at risk of developing illnesses than people who have never had the procedure.

  • Crowns cause teeth to need root canal therapy

Some people believed that having a dental crown on a tooth means that root canal therapy is necessary. Dental crown does not cause the need for root canal therapy. 

If a crowned tooth requires a root canal therapy, It can be that the tooth has abscessed and has gotten underneath the crown, and penetrated the pulp of the tooth. 

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