Considering Veneers? Here Are Things to Know! – Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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Most people may have already heard about a dental procedure that is said to improve the look of a person’s smile. That alone can make anyone curious or even think of getting one themselves. But how is this possible? What does it involve? Let us at Advanced Dental Care provide the answers to satisfy one’s curiosity! Read on.

Cosmetic Dentistry

The said procedure is referred to as a dental veneer. Veneers are these thin, shell-like prostheses usually made of materials like porcelain and composite. They are fashioned based on the overall form of a particular patient’s teeth to make sure that the result would look as natural as possible. At our practice, aside from aesthetics, we also aim to improve our patients’ oral wellness in any way that we can. So, we chose to offer the type of veneer that is ideal for anyone’s need – porcelain. The material can closely mimic real teeth in form, color, and even function—thanks to its durability. Plus, porcelain is stain-resistant. All these to help everyone attain the smile they have always dreamed of!

Reasons to Give Porcelain Veneers a Go

Easy to maintain

Believe it or not, performing the usual oral hygiene habits while wearing porcelain veneers would suffice. There is no need to use any special creams and solutions. As long as a soft-bristled toothbrush and a nonabrasive toothpaste are used, patients can adequately maintain their enhanced smiles. Make sure to brush twice daily and floss at least once to get rid of plaque buildup that can compromise the prosthesis.

Less invasive

Compared to the other dental treatments available to restore the smile aesthetics of a person, getting porcelain veneers is less invasive. Patients may not even need the assistance of local anesthetics, but depending on their preferences, dentists offer it anyway. Do know that only a small portion of the enamel would be reduced to make way for the material, so more of the tooth structure is preserved.

Natural looking

As already mentioned above, dentists make sure to create veneers as real as possible. To do so, they will be taking careful impressions after the preparation of the tooth to secure a perfectly fitting prosthesis. Thanks to this, patients will be able to enjoy eating, speaking, and smiling without any worries.

Long lasting

If the prostheses are given the right care and attention, patients are assured of enjoying their veneer-enhanced smile for many years!

Now that you know more about veneers, are you ready to get started? We at Advanced Dental Care got your back! Call or visit us to get started with your smile enhancement with the help of Porcelain Veneers in Palm Beach Gardens, FL!