Facts About Bruxism That Will Make You Understand It More

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Have you ever caught yourself clenching your jaw? Or does your teeth look smaller than they used to be? These are signs of a condition referred to as bruxism. It causes the patient to grind their teeth and clench their jaw unconsciously. Although it usually takes place during sleep, it can also happen during the day while the patient is fully awake.

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Unfortunately, not everyone knows about the said disorder, much less aware that they have it. So, for our patients at Advanced Dental Care, here are some facts about bruxism.

The condition can be the result of stress

If a person is worried, their whole body, as well as the mouth, tend to become tense. When this happens, it is essential for the person to find a way to direct the energy somewhere. That is where the grinding and clenching takes place. If a person tends to react with stress in the form of bruxism, it is best to find a different and less harmful way to deal with stress and other negative emotions.

Certain substances can lead to grinding

People who smoke and drink alcohol are more likely to suffer from bruxism. The same thing is true to patients who drink many caffeinated liquids, take antidepressants and other forms of medications.

Symptoms can be different for everyone

The bed partners and family members of people who suffer from bruxism would often notice the grinding noises produced during sleep. When waking up, patients will feel the occurrence of jaw pain and headaches. Sometimes, it can become worse that it can lead to chipping of the tooth. The condition, unfortunately, may also lead to the development of a painful complication associated with the jaw referred to as TMJ or TMD.

Millions of people do the grind

Both children and adults can grind their teeth during the day, as well as, at night. Those who grind their teeth occasionally are less likely to suffer the consequences; however, chronic grinding can put the overall oral health at risk.

An oral appliance can help deal with bruxism

The good news is, dentists can custom-create an oral device that can be comfortably worn during sleep. When in place, the contact of the upper and lower dental arches can be prevented, and the pressure applied when clenching the jaw can be redistributed.

At Advanced Dental Care, aside from the mouthguard, our practice also offers an NTI-tss device and Botox to help patients avoid the consequences of bruxism.

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