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Scheduling routine dental visits are advisable not only for adults but children as well; that is why dental associations and dentists highly recommend parents to schedule their child’s first visit early. It is best arranged as soon as the first tooth erupts on the sixth month and no later than their first birthday. We at Advanced Dental Care understand that the little ones may not feel too comfortable at the thought of doing something unfamiliar. So, to help parents handle their children and to make their first dental experience pleasant, here are some tips.

Pediatric Dentistry

Do a meet and greet

It is best to let children familiarize with the dental practice and the team who will be handling them every six months. Dentists may take this as a chance to build a bond with the child to make them more comfortable with their actual appointment and future visits.

Set proper expectations

Do not ask the child too many questions and do not assure them that everything will be fine. Not only will it make them feel hesitant about scheduling future visits but it may even lead to the loss of trust. Although this is the rational thing to say to make them feel calm, it is always best to set proper expectations. After all, you do not know the status of your child’s oral health. It is possible that your child may need to have some cavities filled, or worse, have a tooth extracted.

Use kid-friendly terms

As much as possible avoid using negative terms when discussing or answering their questions about dental visits. Try to come up with non-threatening words like “sugar bugs” instead of calling it tooth decay or cavities.

Do a role play

Let the child prepare for a mock dental visit with the parent serving as the dentist. Use a mirror to let them see how the dentist will examine their mouth. Stay away from drilling sounds, instead, count their teeth and pretend to check it for “sugar bugs.”


Promise them a reward after their scheduled appointment but not with sweet treats. Instead, bring them to the park or other places they want to go. Doing so will make them look forward to their next dental visit.

Aside from all the tips provided above, we at Advanced Dental Care assure parents that our team is specialized in handling their children’s oral care needs. We secure their oral wellness by teaching them the importance of oral health care, educating them with proper hygiene care, keeping track of their growth, performing preventive measures, and discussing necessary actions to parents—all these to make sure that their oral health stays in shape for many years.

Advanced Dental Care is always ready to take action involving you and your child’s oral health. If you want your little ones to experience a secure and child-friendly Pediatric Dentistry services in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, call or visit us at 3400 Burns Rd., #100, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410!