Improve your Invisalign Experience with These Tips!

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Orthodontics is often avoided by many because of the pain involved during the process of straightening the teeth. The pain and discomfort during the treatment are due to the pressure applied to the teeth for its movement. Without applying pressure, the teeth can’t be repositioned to their proper places.

For people who suffer from misaligned teeth and malocclusions, it is best for them to avail of the appropriate orthodontic treatment for their needs. But if you worry about the pain involved throughout the procedure, we at Advanced Dental Care offers a more pleasant approach – the Invisalign.


Instead of utilizing metal brackets and wires, Invisalign makes use of thermoplastic material that is less likely to cause any irritation to the soft tissues in the mouth. Aside from this, we also prepared a list of simple tips to make one’s orthodontic experience with Invisalign more pleasant. Read on!

Report any sharp edges

If a patient happens to find a particular portion of an Invisalign tray that is sharp, it is best to have the issue addressed by a dental immediately to avoid any possible irritations.

Avoid making self-adjustments

Invisalign requires software for dental professionals to provide each particular patient with a customized treatment after considering their condition. That is the reason why patients shouldn’t create DIY braces or aligners. Instead of doing their teeth a favor, they may even cause the current issues to worsen.

Stay in schedule

Instead of seeing the dentist monthly for adjustments, patients wearing Invisalign can just replace the trays themselves, depending on the plan advised. It is essential to follow the correct schedule and sequence when replacing aligner trays since it helps balance the pain and total treatment time.

Exercise the mouth

To reduce any discomfort and also help in shortening the treatment duration, exercise the mouth while wearing the Invisalign trays. Believe it or not, the more patients use their teeth, the quicker the teeth move to their proper positions.

Switch to a new set of aligners before sleep

Instead of replacing Invisalign trays in the morning and feel the pain throughout the day, it is best to do so just before bed. Doing so allows the patient to sleep through the first few hours of discomfort associated with a new set of trays.


Do not let pain stop you from achieving your best smile with Invisalign in Palm Beach Gardens, FL! Follow the tips we listed above and the ones provided personally by a dentist to have an overall pleasant experience. Call or visit us at Advanced Dental Care!