Leave No Room for Advanced Gum Disease with Scaling and Root Planing in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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Scaling and root planing may no longer cure severe periodontal problems, but the treatment can totally halt the occurrence of advanced gum disease! These two procedures are the first resort of dental professionals when treating patients with gingivitis. They involve non-surgical processes, which are better for those who are afraid of complicated dental procedures. Scaling and root planing are very similar to the regular teeth cleaning except that they are more thorough, thus the term ‘deep cleaning.’

Scaling and Root Planing

Things That Take Place During Scaling and Root Planing

Here at Advanced Dental Care, the procedures for deep cleaning are divided into three. The following are the processes involved during scaling and root planing:


The dentist will not proceed to the actual deep cleaning procedure without examining the patient’s condition first. During the assessment period, this is where the dental professional can get a clear view of how deep the bacterial pockets are or how severe the inflammation is already.


Scaling the teeth is not painful. However, to achieve the best comfort—especially to those who have intense plaque and tartar build-up, the dentist may recommend a local anesthesia. After administering the sedative, the cleaning process will then begin. The teeth and the gums are cleaned thoroughly using ultrasonic dental tools. It is then followed by the application of antibiotic on the areas that need it for quick healing.


After scaling and root planing, there’s no guarantee that plaques will not accumulate again. To prevent these unwanted particles from sticking into the teeth surfaces easily, the dental professional will perform a planing procedure. It is in this step that the dentist will smooth out the surfaces of the roots of the teeth so it will be hard for plaques to cling.

Benefits of Scaling and Root Planing

Patients with gum disease can take advantage of scaling and root planing significantly. Below are some of the benefits that they can get:

  • Scaling and root planing bring back the healthy state of the gums so these tissues can support the teeth well. When the gums securely hold the pearly whites, tooth loss is prevented.
  • The procedure is pain-free compared to the other dental services. The teeth and gums are deeply cleaned without sacrificing the comfort of patients.
  • The recovery period for scaling and root planing is fast. The dental professional usually gives out instructions for a smoother healing process after the treatment. The after-effects of scaling and root planing, pain or bleeding, are only meant to last for the first few days.

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