Mistakes to Avoid When It Comes to Dental Implants

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Tooth loss is never a pleasant experience for anyone. Aside from being an aesthetic concern, missing teeth can also affect a person’s confidence, personality, and even their health in general. Fortunately, there comes dental implants—an ideal solution to missing teeth.

Instead of sitting over the gums or needing the assistance of adjacent teeth, the implant posts are surgically inserted in the jawbone. And unlike other traditional teeth replacements, implants restore not only the visible part of the teeth but also its support underneath. As a result, people can surely get new teeth that look and feels real. At Advanced Dental Care, we recognize the potential and benefits dental implants offer; that is why we encourage our patients who experience tooth loss to consider the said restoration. And for everyone to get the most out of their new teeth, we also prepared a list of the most common mistakes they should avoid.

the girl undergo dental implants

Thinking that implants can correct other dental issues

If you believe that getting dental implants can help with the other dental problems, you are mistaken. The truth is, disregarding any complications may actually cause an implant restoration to fail. To prevent this from happening, having the dentist check and treat underlying oral complications is best.

Disregarding follow-up visits

Having dental implants installed does not set you up for life. To make sure that the oral restoration stays in shape, the assistance of a dentist is highly essential. By not scheduling a follow-up appointment, the dentist won’t be able to detect any possible issues and monitor a person’s recovery.

Ignoring the recovery period

It takes several months to complete a dental implant restoration due to osseointegration—the process where the bone naturally fuses with the implant post. The time needed varies depending on the condition of a particular patient, that said, they are highly advised to plan for their recovery.


Addiction to smoking may be hard to break, but patients who recently had their teeth restored with dental implants should do their best to stop. Aside from being detrimental to general health, the said habit can also increase a person’s risk of infection. Plus, smoking also delays the healing of the gums. Stopping the said habit prior to getting dental implants is best.

Practicing poor oral care

Dental implants may be resistant to cavities, but this does not mean that patients should disregard proper oral practices. The good news is, performing regular oral care habits like brushing twice a day, flossing at least once, and rinsing would suffice.

Aside from avoiding these mistakes, make sure also to follow the instructions provided by a dental professional for a successful dental implant restoration!

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