Reasons Why Skipping Professional Cleanings Is a Big NO

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Most people tend to skip dental appointments due to the busyness of their schedule or because of the possible pain a particular procedure can cause. Patients should understand that routine appointments do not mean to promote any forms of discomfort. In fact, it serves as a preventative approach so people can avoid severe issues that can lead to excruciating pain if left undiagnosed and untreated.

Remember that the longer dental attention is delayed, the worse the pain can get. At Advanced Dental Care, we encourage our patients to take actions before any issues are experienced instead of seeking care only if their conditions have worsened. Know the best way to keep the overall oral health in check by reading below!

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Reasons Why People Need Professional Cleaning

Not all buildups can be spotted by the naked eye

Plaque is a notorious substance that tends to cling on the teeth. One purpose of practicing proper oral hygiene techniques is to remove buildups effectively. However, there are some hard to reach areas where plaque can remain uneliminated. That is where professional cleanings come in; dentists offer a more thorough clean so patients can have cleaner and healthier mouths.

Less risk of oral and overall health complications

Professional cleanings give people a more thorough mouth clean which makes them less vulnerable to problems like cavities and gum disease. The good news is their risk of developing severe health issues associated with periodontal disease decreases as well.

Proper oral hygiene may not be followed

Most people may think that they are doing the right thing for their mouths. Unfortunately, they are not aware that the practices they perform are inadequate. For example, they may brush their teeth but only once every day and even less than the time advised. Patients may also even give in to the difficulty flossing presents that they would rather avoid it altogether. If appropriate actions are not performed, the patient is more likely to suffer the consequences in the long run. But if routine cleanings are scheduled, factors that threaten oral health can be eliminated.

Calculus formation

Uneliminated plaque can harden and turn into tartar or calculus. Unfortunately, no matter how hard patients will try to remove this buildup, it would be impossible. Only dental professionals and the equipment they use would be able to get rid of this accumulation. It is possible for tartar to go deeper the gumline; if this happens, the dentist may recommend a deep cleaning procedure for a more effective clean.

Preventing the development of issues that can put oral health at risk is a joint effort of the patient and a dental professional. That is why patients are still required to schedule routine appointments despite the observance of proper oral care at home. To achieve excellent oral wellness, schedule an appointment with Advanced Dental Care to avail of our Cleanings & Prevention in Palm Beach Gardens, FL!