The Benefits of Orthodontics That Are Often Overlooked

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A person’s smile, aside from being an asset, can be a defining feature. Believe it or not, the simple act of moving the facial muscles can make a person make or break a job interview. That is because others perceive people who smile confidently as someone confident and trust-worthy; thus, resulting to a good and lasting impression.

One particular area in dentistry that people tend to overlook is orthodontics. That is because many people do not know that there is more to teeth straightening treatment than just improving aesthetics. For our patients at Advanced Dental Care to be aware of these things, here is a list that we prepared.

a couple with a straighter smile

Oral hygiene and maintenance became much easier

One of the most effective habits people should practice to keep the overall oral health in shape is by brushing and flossing. Unfortunately, this is harder for people who suffer from malocclusion and misalignment of the teeth. It is easier for harmful substances to get stuck between the misaligned teeth, but hard for people to get rid of the said accumulations. But by having the dentist straighten teeth, there will no longer be areas where devastating substances can cling to, and oral hygiene becomes more effective.

Dental damage is reduced

Having misaligned teeth makes a person at risk of chips, cracks, and other forms of damage. Unfortunately, both these issues expose the inner portion of a tooth that makes it at risk of infection and cavities. By guiding the teeth to their proper positions, the possibility of absorbing a unified shock is eliminated.

Reduced strain to the jaw muscles and joints

Some teeth imperfections can cause a person to have trouble chewing their food properly; therefore, affecting one’s digestion over time. These issues may even make it easy for a patient to accidentally bite their cheek lining or tongue that can lead to pain and infection. Due to these, the brain may try to adjust a person’s natural chewing which can lead to the exertion of pressure to the joints and muscles of the jaw. With the help of orthodontics, teeth imperfections can be corrected, and the risk of damage can be eliminated.

With these benefits given, are you now ready to give our Orthodontic treatment in Palm Beach Gardens, FL a go? If yes, we at Advanced Dental Care got your back! Call or visit us at 3400 Burns Rd., #100, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 to get started.