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Dentures have been serving their purpose for many years now, but it is possible that not everyone knows about its past. Believe it or not, “false teeth” is not the most accurate term for the appliance before. Curious yet? How about the fact that people used to eat with wooden teeth? Without any further ado, here is a brief history about dentures we at Advanced Dental Care prepared!

The Truth About False Teeth - Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • In the 7th century BC, the earliest form of dentures has been recorded from the Etruscans in northern Italy. They used both animal and human teeth for their version of the oral appliance.
  • The time came when sugar became well-known throughout Europe. As a result, there were many cases of tooth decay, and with the lack of preventive dental care services, people lost their teeth. There is a high demand for teeth restorations right then.
  • Ivory was once used for dentures but it does not always provide a natural look, and it also decays. The primary sources for this material are elephant, hippopotamus, and walrus.
  • Although not very sanitary, dentures made from human teeth were considered the best. The sources of the teeth used are graves, dentists’ collection, and peasants. But in the year 1815, the lack of human teeth for the creation of prostheses decreased due to the battle in Waterloo. There are around 50,000 men who died in this battle, and thus “Waterloo teeth” dawned.
  • In the year 1843, Charles Goodyear discovered a material that can act as a comfortable base to hold false teeth together. It was a flexible rubber that was coined as vulcanite by Goodyear’s brother, Nelson.
  • Dentures made of porcelain were discovered in the late 1700s in France. However, since the improvement for the material did not come until the 1800s, porcelain tends to crack. But after many years, it was continually improved; it is even considered as the popular material choice until today.

Fast forward in the modern age of dentistry, having lost teeth restored is easier than the past. With the continuous advances in technology, patients are sure to give their teeth a second chance with dentures. Materials used are now better than ever to eliminate all the hassles. Make sure to visit us at Advanced Dental Care to explore the types of dental appliance our practice offers.

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