What the Dentist Wants to Tell You About Teeth Whitening in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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Does the look of your smile still spark joy to your heart? If not anymore, a teeth-whitening treatment is probably one of your considerations. But before you brighten your teeth once again, be sure to read these facts about teeth whitening procedure that our dentist at Advanced Dental Care wants you to know.

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Teeth Whitening Facts

These pieces of information will familiarize you of the things to expect about the procedure, the essential facts about it, and the ways to maintain your white smile after the treatment. Continue reading below to find out more.

Whitening the smile is safe – if done by dental professionals

If your worry is about the safety of the treatment, it is important to know that any procedure without a dentist’s supervision is risky. Over-the-counter products may contain ingredients that can place havoc to the gums and teeth. Patients should schedule an appointment with us at Advanced Dental Care for their teeth whitening needs. Our dentist can provide custom-made trays and bleaching gels with a sufficient amount of hydrogen peroxide so patients can whiten their teeth even inside their homes.

Professional teeth whitening offers long-lasting effects

The lightening results of teeth whitening that dentists deliver can withstand for several years. Patients will need not to fret about revisiting the clinic multiple times for retouch because professional teeth whitening will let them embrace a beautiful, white smile for an extended period. However, it is still vital to observe the proper aftercare to maximize the benefits of the treatment.

Investing in teeth whitening does not mean that the teeth cannot be stained again

The natural teeth are not veneers. They are still susceptible to staining and discolorations over time. When the pearly whites are exposed to tea, coffee, soda, red wine, or even cigarettes, they are more likely to appear dull-looking. With that said, we recommend patients to be cautious about the foods or drinks that they are consuming. Ditching bad habits like smoking is a big help too!

All in all, professional teeth whitening procedure is life-changing. Some of the benefits that patients can get with the treatment are enhanced confidence, aesthetically-pleasing smiles, and improved quality of life!

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