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As we enter into the unprecedented era of COVID-19, our team at Advanced Dental Care of Palm Beach Gardens wishes our family of patients good health. Our office is enhancing our safety protocols by using CDC- and ADA-approved PPE, improved office cleaning standards, and installing hospital-grade air purifying machines to create a safe environment for all our patients.

To provide complete transparency, we are providing you with a step-by-step guide on what to expect during your next visit.

Enhanced Sterilization Practices

  • Our office has a dedicated sterilization area, featuring the latest innovative technology. We use the RITTER M11 and RITTER M9 Steam Sterilization systems to keep our instruments clean and ready to use for your next visit.

  • Our team sterilizes all tools, instruments, and equipment between use. All tools or items labeled as one-time use are disposed of immediately to maintain a clean, safe environment.

  • Our team wipes down all counters, chairs, door handles, keyboards, computer equipment, and other high-touch surfaces between uses. We follow a strict two-step wiping protocol using an EPA-approved disinfectant.

  • Our A/C ducts are now equipped with a double UVC light system as well as electrostatic filters that remove 99% of germs, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and more.

  • We have installed individual UVC, HEPA, carbon filter units in all treatment rooms as well as our waiting room, front desk area, and dental lab. These units provide us with continuous, clean filtered air that allows for the safest conditions possible.

  • We employ a stringent policy to manage potential water-borne infections, which includes flushing water lines, continuous daily treatment of water lines, regular testing for bacterial growth, and chemical treatment.

  • All suction lines are cleaned with disinfectant after each procedure.


Office Safety

  • We only allow one patient into the office at a time. Only patients may enter the office for an appointment. We seat patients upon arrival. If it is necessary for a patient to wait, we will determine the best place for that at the time of arrival.

  • Spouses, friends, caregivers, parents, and children may need to wait outside, in the building hallway, or in their car. We ask for a legal guardian to stay in the waiting room during the treatment of minors.

  • All doors inside the office are propped open to avoid touching handles and doorknobs.

  • All magazines, pamphlets, coffee, and water have been removed from our waiting area and treatment rooms.

  • All surfaces in treatment rooms are disinfected twice between each appointment.


Patient Safety

  • A pre-screening assessment is sent via email one week prior to all appointments. We remind patients to enter our office with a mask on all emails, text messages, and phone calls.

  • All patients, family members, legal guardians, and visitors have their temperatures checked at the door upon arrival.

  • All patients will use a pre-treatment antimicrobial oral rinse for the safety of our team and others.

  • A plexiglass sneeze-guard has been installed at the reception check-in and check-out desk to protect the patient and team from cross-contamination.

  • We ask that all patients respect our social distancing protocol for their health and safety.


Team Safety

  • All doctors and team members are fully equipped with CDC- and ADA-approved PPE. Our providers use KN95 and N95 masks, as well as a Level 3 mask for each patient. We provide face shields, shoe covers, head covers, safety glasses, disposable and non-disposable jackets for all team members.

  • We use UVC lights throughout our workday to sterilize our masks and other protective equipment.

  • All employees and affiliated providers undergo detailed background health history of COVID-19 related screenings before employment.

  • Our office strictly enforces sick policies that require employees suffering from contagious illnesses to stay home from work until cleared by a medical doctor. Employees who have traveled to a country with a CDC Level 3 or higher are required to self-quarantine for 14 days before returning to work.

We Are Currently Open For All Dental Services!

There will be some modifications made during certain procedures to limit the number of aerosols created. This will include not using electronic handpieces during a routine cleaning as well as not “polishing” the teeth at the end of the dental cleaning. These are direct recommendations from the ADA and CDC to limit the exposure to viruses that spread through the air, such as COVID-19. Eliminating these from your dental cleaning will not reduce the quality of care and service you will receive from us.

By implementing all guidelines and procedures provided by the CDC and ADA, our team is ready to schedule your next visit. Contact our office today for any further questions or concerns and to book your next appointment.

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